New Song "Count Me As Down"

Hey There!

My latest song is here!  Check it out below, it's called "Count Me As Down."

This song takes place during a reunion of old friends.  They're meeting on the beach to party and reminisce about their past, and wonder what's to come in the future.  The whole song is based off of a five day party that my friends and I had in Cape Cod (Cape Todd for those who are aware of what that is, RIP).  We had just graduated high school and were celebrating our freedom from that institution.  The cover is a picture from that trip, with a friend of mine drinking from the "Dizzy Bat" (Go look it up it's a blast!) on the evening beach.  I miss most of my high school friends greatly, as we're separated by great distances for the most part.  This song reminds me of how great we had it, and hopefully that more times like this will come.

In other news, here are some upcoming shows that you can see me live at:

  • Sept. 2nd, Dashe Cellars, Oakland, 3-5:30pm RSVP
  • Sept. 3rd, Donkey& Goat Winery, Berkeley, 3-5pm RSVP
  • Sept. 21st, Simple Pleasures Cafe, San Francisco, 7-9pm RSVP
  • Sept. 26th, The Lost Church, San Francisco, 8-10pm RSVP
  • Sept. 27th, The Octopus, Oakland, 7-9pm RSVP
  • Oct. 20th, The Bazaar Cafe, San Francisco, 7-9:30pm 

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Mad love - Ian