New Demo "Guidance," Upcoming Shows, and Other Exciting News!

Hello friends, family, acquaintances, enemies, magistrates, and dignitaries!  Apologies for the lack of posts as of late, I've been on quite a few adventures and have been busy working on new material for you all.  Speaking of which, here is my newest demo "Guidance."  Listen here or on youtube:

This song as the title suggests is about guidance and knowing the correct path.  I find myself lacking confidence in my decisions, questioning my choices.  It's difficult to recognize the repercussions of the different paths I take in the moment, and this song is a plea to get an answer.  Although, I don't honestly think I'll get one, but hopefully we all have the courage to keep moving our feet forward in times of doubt.


In other news, I have a ton of upcoming shows that I'd like to fill you in on!

I'd also like to talk about some previous shows and ventures that I've done recently.  Back on July 9th, I played a benefit gig for Operation Dignity at 21st Amendment Brewery in San Leandro.  Operation Dignity is a non-profit helping get homeless veterans housing.  It was a fantastic day filled with sun, beer, and good cheer.  There were performers from so many genres including The Depictions, Visual Eyez the Poet, Phlogiston and more.  Not including what was donated by the brewery (which was giving a dollar for every beer sold!) we managed to get them over $300.  Here are some quick shots of Matthew and I performing:

More recently, this past Wednesday, August 2nd KCTurner Presents hosted the SHHHHongwriter's Open Mic at Doc's Lab in San Francisco.  I had the pleasure of performing there and getting to see so many fantastic singer-songwriters.  You can download my performance on the open mic recordings page of KC's website linked above!  KC Turner puts together so many fantastic events and shows, he really is the heartbeat of the San Francisco music scene.  I think anyone who can, should go to one of his shows.  The community is so loving and welcoming, I would be greatly disappointed if I had never ventured out to one of them.


That's all I have for now, but look forward to more releases soon.  Make sure to catch me live in the next couple months as well :-D.

Much Love