"Take In All You Can" is on Spotify and other exciting updates!

As you can tell by the title, "Take In All You Can" is now on Spotify which you can listen to here: 


Please listen and share it with your friends.  Your support is appreciated and necessary for me to continue creating the quality music that you enjoy and that I love to make.

"Take In All You Can" was also shared on the Spotify and Soundcloud "Fresh Indie 2017" playlists by blogger Kevin Hugger of MP3Hugger.  He said,

"Every now and then we all need to wig out and this is the type of fare to bring us merrily along that road. The added bonus of course are those down times when the soft melodies float down from the in bloom trees. This is sweet, an artist with something more than foot stomping in his gift."

MP3Hugger is a music blog based out of Ireland that features a wide range of genres and hosts its own label called Indiecater.

In other exciting news, my song "Across the Bay" was featured on The Indie Folx "Best Indie Folk of 2017" playlists on Soundcloud!  It feels incredible to be recognized for the music I make, and shovels coals on the fire to keep making more!

Speaking of which, I have just began recording a new single to be released in the next coming weeks.  I would estimate in the first weeks of July.  It will be a mandolin focused tune, a first for my series of singles!  Stay tuned for more music.

Thanks for reading and much love,

- Ian