"Take In All You Can" Release and New Demo

Coming at you with a double whammy today, with a new song release and a new song demo.  The release is called "Take In All You Can" and you can listen to it on Soundcloud or Bandcamp.  You can also listen in the embed below:

At first listen this song may come off as preachy or moralistic, but if anything it's a reminder to myself.  I find it's easier to pay attention to more negative aspects of any interaction, situation, or experience than to focus on the good moments.  This song is telling me not to forget about all of the great things that have happened, and the little moments that make life so enjoyable.


The new song demo is called "Bearing Down."  You can listen on Youtube or below:

I'm super excited because this is my second mandolin song I've ever written.  Hopefully more to come!  The song "Bearing Down" is my way of visualizing how one might struggle with life's burdens: death, addiction, forgiveness.  Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for listening and much love,